“One” for Businesses

eCommerce, POS,
Inventory and much more

    Sell online and POS

    It’s a One-Stop-Shop… Your PoS, Online store, and payment system is just a few clicks away.

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    Setup and services

    It is “One” service as well. We setup, we design, we configure for you, and train you so that you can independently manage and operate your business.

    Market and Grow

    Grow your business. “One” has made marketing very easy. Search Engine Optimization, Facebook, and Google advertising and more, all integrated in “One”.


    We have the best payment partners. Online payments and in-person we can give you the best payment processing capabilities that is best for your business.

    Accounting and Bookkeeping Integration

    “One” has Quickbooks and Xero integrations

    We can help you with your accounting and bookkeeping. Through our partner services AcctecX we can setup and operate your business accounting.

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    Restaurants, Retail Stores, Grocery Stores, Spas, Pop-ups, Café, Home Décor, Apparel, Sporting Goods

    Made for Businesses

    “ONE” features an online inventory management system, a flexible eCommerce store, on-cloud Point of Sale system, Reservation and Appointment system and a comprehensive Loyalty Program.
    It offers its customers to setup and manage multiple stores with unlimited products, shipping label printing, payment system integration, professional reports and integrated shipping with USPS, UPS, FedEx and others.

    Made to serve you

    Our professional services include setting up the POS system, creation and setup of ecommerce website with aesthetics reflecting your brand in the finest fashion as well as hosting of web portal and even the initial data entry.
    Our payment terminals support LTE, Wifi and wired internet connection and we also offer the LOWEST credit card transaction rates.

    Our pricing starts with 55 CAD per month,

    Along with most competitive payment processing fee.

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